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The Artists of the Farnese Group
The main aim of the Farnese Group is the historical recovery of handcrafted and industrially manufactured ceramics. This has been achieved by using research techniques in three main phases:
Phase One: identifying the main ceramic traditions of the Mediterranean basin from the fourteenth century up to 1930. We have collected about 1500 examples of ceramics, which have been catalogued according to origin and are exhibited in our museum in Rome. These examples comprise our artistic heritage; they are our models and the basis for our replicas.
Phase two: reconstructing the technical processes and production phases, using; the same components that were used during the period in question. All the replicas are identical to the originals.
Phase three: conducting research on modem materials. By using contemporary physical/chemical materials and techniques we have been able to produce innovative ceramics: integrated compositions and porcelain.
The Farnese Group, which was formed in 1956, relies on the artists and craftsmen that work under the artistic direction of Mario Di Donato.

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